Thank you for your interest! If you would like to have me speak at your event, please email me at karen (dot) edmisten (@) gmail (dot) com to inquire about availability/fees and to make further arrangements.

Speaking Schedule: 

July, 2015: Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha Conference, Omaha, NE

July 11-12, 2014: Catholic Family Educators of Central Texas Austin, TX (Keynote and a session on teaching writing in your homeschool)

July 12-13, 2013: Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference Denver, CO (Talks on "A Homeschooling Mom's Prayer Life" and "Relaxed Homeschooling: What Does It Look Like?")


(A 2013-14 Confession: I completely neglected the updating of radio links. Too many, too often! I can usually be found on Relevant Radio's Morning Air program once a month, and I do other appearances/interviews as they arise.) 


January, 2012 
Morning Air, 1/5/12
Morning Air, 1/17/12
The Catholics Next Door, 1/31/12

February, 2012
Son Rise Morning Show, 2/2/12
Morning Air, 2/8/12

March, 2012
Bishop's Radio Hour, 3/9/12
Morning Air, 3/12/12
On Call with Wendy Wiese, 3/12/12
Among Women: Dealing With Miscarriage, Part I and Part II
Real Life Radio, 3/27/12
Mary's Touch

April, 2012
Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo, 4/16/12
Holy Spirit Radio, 4/25/12

May, 2012
Catholic TV/This is the Day, 5/11/12
KBVM, In Person, Dina Marie Hale, 5/14/12
FHC Radio, 5/18/12
Catholic Answers Live, 5/28/12

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